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Team Animex


The co-owner gives her all in everything she does. She loves her job and this love is felt by all members of the team. In the field for more than 15 years, she is also very good with dogs, especially aggressive or fearful ones. Andrée has a dog, a cat and a bird; Lincoln, Nalah and Zazz.


This former bus driver discovered a passion for this field. She started as a volunteer in a shelter and for the past 3 years has been working for Animex to make life easier for pet owners and their companions. She loves cats and is very good with them. Dominique has 3 cats; Aby, Ketchup and Charlot.


In the field for more than 4 years, she never stops further learning and is up to date about new technologies and procedures, always on the lookout for new things! She loves exotic animals and gets along very well with them. Lu has 5 cats, 1 axolotl, 1 Mexican tetra and 1 bearded dragon; Fox, Spicy, Millie, Body, Violette, Aphrodite, Blindee and Mushu.


From an early age, she loved animals and she is very good with handling them. When you need to restrain an animal or lift a large dog, she’s there! Always available and hardworking, she does not count her hours when it comes to animals. Agathe has 2 cats; Layla and Bébé.


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The company’s founder, biologist and animal lover, created Animex to help all kinds of creatures. In addition, she founded the Refuge Animex in order to fight against the overpopulation of cats in Verdun. Ariane lives on a farm and is surrounded by a variety of animals.