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Our Mission

Animex animal ambulance aims to help animals and collaborate with owners to take care of their companions and thus offer a reliable and unique home care service.

Our Values

Animex animal ambulance, humain, femme, cheveux, nez, soleil, ciel, nuage, nuages, bras, chien, poil, poils, patte, plage, lumière, queue, bouche, museau
Our unconditional love for all animals allows us to better work with them.
Euthanasia assistance
We listen and take into consideration what is best for both our clients and their pets.
Animex animal ambulance, chat, roux, blanc, félin, domestique, yeux, oeil, bleu, poil, poils, bouche, moustache, moustaches, couverture, vert, blanc, orange, rose, jaune, queue, museau, narine, narines, corps, oreille, oreilles
The importance we place on calmness and gentleness is beneficial to all.
Animex animal ambulance, chat, poil, poils, félin, oreille, oreilles, beige, roux, humain, chemise, rayé, ligné, cloture, fenêtre, porte, porte-patio, patio, bois, plancher, gazon, bracelet, main, pouce, doigt, doigts, caresse, tatou, aile, bras, tête,
Identifying with our customers by understanding the situations they are experiencing and remaining available and close to them.
Animex animal ambulance, salon, coussin, coussins, divan, sofa, blanc, assis, homme, visage, barbe, cheveux, doigt, doigts, chandail, bleu, bras, gris, oreille, main, mains, dent, dents, nez, bouche, yeux, oeil, menton, cou, épaule, épaules, coude, chien, chiens, museau, museaux, poil, poils, oreilles, noir, beige, collier, médaille, Yorkshire, femme, sourcil, sourcils, cil, cils, robe, seins, ventre, bracelet, perles, corde, noeud, caresse, gueule, patte, livre, livres, étagère, bague, diamant, bouclé
It is by working with the clients and the pet that we achieve our goals.

Our Story

For the past 7 years, we’ve been here!
Experience the story of Animex animal ambulance.

Our Vision

To become the most present home-care service in the homes and hearts of all Quebecers.

Animex animal ambulance. chat, félin, tête, oreilles, oreille, yeux, oeil, pupille, pupilles, moustache, moustaches, museau, langue, sortir, lécher, patte, pattes, queue, poil, poils, assis, regard, chaton, couverture, rideau, arbre à chat, griffoir, mur, vert, blanc, brun, gris, jaune, beige, domestique, tabby, ligné

Team Animex

Our team is made of very different people with an array of different skills. This allows us to diversify our services and to adapt each of those to the needs of our clientele.