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Services for clinics

Delegated tasks

We offer to perform delegated tasks at home by our animal health technicians.

Pet owners do not have to travel to the clinic, which has been beneficial since COVID-19 and frees up clinic staff.

In addition, it helps to reduce stress in animals, especially for our feline friends!

Urine culture by compression
Catheter placement
Blood pressure measurement
Recording of vital signs

Exclusive transportations
for clinics


This type of transport is used to transfer an animal from one veterinary clinic to another.

Sometimes an animal under anesthesia has to be moved or needs oxygen during transportation.

At Animex, we are equipped for these types of transfers. In addition to having oxygen tanks, we also take vital signs during transportation.

All this under the care of a qualified animal health technician with many years of experience!


This type of transportation is intended for owners of deceased animals who would like an autopsy to find out the reasons of death.

We transfer between your clinic and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Saint-Hyacinthe.